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Cross-border e-commerce imports

"9610 direct purchase import" mode,After the consumer (purchaser) purchases the goods on the cross-border e-commerce platform,E-commerce enterprises or platform enterprises, payment enterprises, logistics enterprises respectively transmit the "three order information" to the Customs,After the goods arrive at the work place (site) under customs supervision,E-commerce enterprises or their agents shall go through the formalities of declaration and tax payment at the customs。Because of its advantages in the diversity of commodity types, it is mostly adopted by cross-border e-commerce platforms and overseas e-commerce enterprises with a wider range of business categories。

Difference between 1239 and 9610:

1, 9610 is the goods that have been sold, stored in the temporary storage area of the bonded warehouse, waiting for customs clearance and domestic transportation。

2, 1239 is not yet sold goods, stored in the bonded warehouse, need to wait for the completion of sales, customs clearance, and then transported to the hands of consumers

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