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Preferential policies for bonded areas

Weifang Zhenghao Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is registered in the Weifang Comprehensive free trade zone physical fence, enjoy the preferential policies in the free trade zone according to law, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhenghao company, can provide foreign trade enterprises with bonded warehousing, international transfer, distribution, export collection, bonded one-day tour and other integrated logistics services in the free trade zone.

Bonded processing policy
◆ Tax exemption: Equipment, raw materials, infrastructure materials and office supplies imported from abroad are exempt from import duties;The finished products, scraps, defective products, surplus materials and wastes are exempted from export duties when sold abroad;Export processing products of enterprises shall not be subject to value-added tax or consumption tax。
◆ Bonded: The raw materials, packaging items and consumable materials needed to enter the country for processing export products shall be fully bonded。
◆ Tax refund: Goods entering the comprehensive bonded area from outside the zone are regarded as exports, and export tax rebates can be applied;The use of water, electricity and gas by enterprises in the zone shall be subject to a tax refund policy。
◆ Certification free: goods can be freely entered and exited between the comprehensive bonded area and other countries, without quotas and licenses unless otherwise stipulated by the state;The customs does not implement the management of the Registration Manual;The processing trade business does not implement the processing trade bank deposit ledger system;No contract cancellation, no single consumption management。
Bonded logistics warehousing and import and export trade policy
◆ The variety and storage time of goods stored in the area are not limited, and the goods stored in the bonded warehouse can be distributed directly or simply processed according to the instructions of the property right unit without changing the real right;No value-added tax or consumption tax shall be levied on sales within the region, other special supervision areas in China or overseas。
◆ Enterprises outside the area can get a variety of commodities into the area to obtain tax rebates, according to the customer's instructions for export。
◆ Domestic and foreign buyers purchase goods from overseas, enter the comprehensive bonded area, and handle the delivery of goods in batches according to the needs of enterprises outside the area。
◆ Processing trade enterprises will purchase domestic intermediate products exported to the comprehensive bonded area (domestic goods into the area can be regarded as export), and then by the downstream processing trade enterprises to handle the import formalities, in order to achieve the purpose of export tax refund。
◆ Enterprises in the zone can carry out research and development business, and use overseas and domestic instruments, equipment, materials, etc. to enjoy tax exemption, bond and tax refund policies without industrial restrictions;The inspected goods entering and leaving overseas or outside the region shall enjoy the bonded policy;Goods such as domestic export equipment may enter the zone for bonded maintenance and re-transport out of the country。
◆ For goods entering and leaving the region and overseas, the customs shall implement the filing system, and do not implement import and export quota and license management。
Customs supervision policy
◆ The Customs shall implement the recordkeeping system for the import and export of goods between the comprehensive bonded area and overseas。
◆ Enterprises in the comprehensive free trade zone can declare to the customs in a centralized manner。
◆ With the approval of the Customs, enterprises in the zone can entrust their imported materials and semi-finished products to enterprises outside the zone for processing, and return to the comprehensive bonded zone after processing。Enterprises outside the area can also entrust enterprises in the area to process, and return to the area after processing。
◆ The Customs shall exercise bonded supervision over the goods coming and going between the comprehensive bonded area and other special customs supervision areas or supervision places in the bonded area。
◆ There is no storage period for goods in the comprehensive bonded area。
Inspection and quarantine policy
◆ The warehousing and logistics goods and office supplies for self-use, raw materials and parts required for export processing are exempt from compulsory product certification。
Goods entering the comprehensive bonded area from the non-bonded area and exported to the non-bonded area shall not be subject to inspection。
◆ If the goods to be inspected through the comprehensive bonded zone are stored in the zone for a short time, the original package is exported and the package is in good condition without damage or leakage, only the outer package quarantine will be implemented when entering the country。
◆ Goods that return to the domestic market after entering the zone are exempt from quarantine during the validity period of inspection and quarantine。
◆ When the goods to be inspected in transit exit, the inspection and quarantine treatment is generally no longer implemented, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations and the quarantine certificate or quarantine treatment certificate issued by the inspection and quarantine institution of China when the government of the importing country or region requires entry。
◆ The sale and transfer of import and export inspection items between enterprises in the zone shall be exempted from inspection and quarantine。
Foreign exchange management policy
◆ Enterprises can open a foreign exchange account under current account and a special foreign exchange account under capital account, and the limit of the foreign exchange account under current account needs to be approved。
◆ Duty-free and bonded goods entering and leaving the comprehensive bonded area shall be priced and settled in foreign currency. Other goods entering and leaving the comprehensive bonded area may be priced and settled in foreign currency or RMB。
◆ The enterprise does not implement the contract cancellation system, and the foreign exchange receipts and expenditures under the inbound and outbound trade with overseas do not need to go through the verification procedures of foreign exchange receipt and payment to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and the foreign exchange is paid from the bank with relevant documents。
◆ Enterprises are allowed to purchase foreign exchange conditionally, allowing enterprises with RMB capital registration to purchase foreign exchange in RMB not exceeding the actual amount of their registered capital。
◆ Both Chinese and foreign-funded enterprises may open foreign exchange spot accounts, and the foreign exchange earned by the enterprises shall be settled at their will, and the foreign exchange earnings may be retained in full。
Other policies
◆ Port of departure tax refund: The goods shipped from other domestic ports through the Weifang Comprehensive Free Trade Zone can be exported tax refund when leaving the place of departure。
◆ Offshore accounts: offshore accounts are allowed to be opened in the comprehensive bonded area to facilitate fund settlement for enterprises to carry out overseas business, and multinational companies can set up financial centers and settlement centers in the area。
◆ Free circulation: Goods in the comprehensive free trade zone can be freely circulated between enterprises in the zone。When transferring goods between enterprises in the area, they only need to submit electronic data information such as the name of the goods, the quantity and the amount to the customs, and do not need to declare the goods to enter and exit the area。
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