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Shandong Zhenghao International Logistics Co., LTD., Ltd.It is an international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the State, a customs agent for the record of customs declaration enterprises, Alibaba and China Pacific Insurance signed cooperation units, is a member of Shandong Customs Association, Weifang Import and Export Enterprise Federation, Weifang Kuiwen District Foreign Trade Association。Zhenghao Logistics is headquartered in Weifang and has branches in Huangdao。

The main business of Zhenghao Company is to provide integrated logistics and value-added services for import and export enterprises,To form import and export customs declaration, inspection, cross-border e-commerce logistics, multi-language enterprise website construction,B2B B2C website construction,Foreign trade SEO promotion,Foreign exchange offshore accounts, import and export agents (foreign exchange collection and payment agents,Tax refund, etc.), processing trade manual, customs registration, foreign trade operators
Record, electronic port, pre-arranged manifest entry, freight insurance, import and export ocean and air booking, container transportation, free trade zone one-day tour and other comprehensive, one-stop comprehensive foreign trade service logistics company。
To provide you with one-stop comprehensive foreign trade services is the mission of Zhenghao people, through the efforts of many professionals, Zhenghao Logistics has gradually highlighted its core competitiveness in foreign trade SEO promotion, customs clearance and freight insurance。
Create Zhenghao brand, to create a first-class foreign trade comprehensive service provider。It is our team's unremitting pursuit to continuously surpass ourselves and achieve the society's continuous trust in Zhenghao Logistics。
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